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"I used him to update my trust that was prepared more than 20 years ago.  He did an excellent job and included many new features. He has kept us  continuously updated and in the loop about all types of issues relating  to the estate planning via newsletters and live seminars. I feel very  comfortable with his approach of fixed pricing and not charging for  answering questions."

" I attended a seminar conducted by Michael Bonfrisco, and was impressed  by him and the information that he presented. I later contracted with  him to implement Trust Agreements for me and my wife. While working with  him, we have been pleased with his knowledge, professionalism, and  amiability."

"After many stops and starts in looking for an attorney we attended one  of Michael's seminars.  He was so easy to understand and had a manner  that made us feel like he would look out for our interest.  We were so  impressed after meeting to have our will drawn up that we referred  several family members.  Michael and his staff were especially helpful  in getting my parents to draw up their will (finally).  He answered all  of their questions and made them feel secure in the knowledge that they  have their estate planned out in the best possible manner.   
Dealing with Michael and his staff is like working with good friends."

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